Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Cards...i.e. LIMITED Supplies!!

Okay, so I planned on posting the cards I made while I was on vacation yesterday, but I ended up doing things around the house instead.

So, here goes. Let me explain my situation so that you fully grasp the struggle it was to come up with these meager cards! LOL I was on vacation in Ohio when I made this first card. My husband's family is from Fort Recovery. Never heard of it? Well, that would make sense since it's such a small town in Ohio. Oh, and taking into consideration the size, you can probably imagine the lack of internet connectivity around there. Let's just say we had NONE at his dad's house. Which ended up being just fine. It was actually nice living a simpler life for a few days.

Here's a look at his dad's property (and my lame attempt at creating a panoramic photo). So serene...

Here's a better shot of his dad's gorgeous pond!

This is Carl and his dad sitting on the swing his dad made. Carl is the one not cooperating for the photo :]

Anywho. Carl's aunt owns a scrapbooking store in the "bigger" town nearby. I picked up a few things to make a card for my nephew's birthday when we stopped by. Notably, a stack of patterned paper, a pack of rub on transfers, one foot of ribbon, one button, some glue (to use with my paper quilling), a mini paper piercing tool and three pieces of cardstock. Notice I didn't mention any tools other than the paper piercer and NO INK?! Zippo. What to do?! I'm a gadget girl...everything rests firmly on the tools I have at hand and I can't recall many cards I've made without ink!!

Well, back at the ranch I decided to make this card for Carl's stepmom who left well before I woke up the day we left, which means I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. I sifted through his dad's kitchen drawers and found a few tools to use on her card.

In this picture you're looking at a pair of pinking shears, scissors, a tape measure, and a pack of thumb tacks. I used the thumb tack cardboard to back my panel while I pierced it. Looking at this photo it occured to me that I could have used the thumb tacks as my piercing tool :O) In the end, I think the card is pretty in the simplest way!

I created this next card for my 2-year old nephew, Jaden :] What a sweetie pie he is!! I could just eat him up. This card was mediocre at best considering my tools and limited supplies. Not to mention the glue (vs my normal adhesive) warped the card considerably. I figured it didn't really matter since my active 2-year old nephew would probably demolish it within 10 minutes :O) As you can see I also forgot to mention that I bought some foam adhesive shapes at my husband's aunt's store also. I loved this cute little elephant! My daughter wrote the sentiment for me, and I used the mytimess34 sketch as my layout. I LOVE this sketch and totally plan on using it again for a MUCH better card! LOL

If you haven't had a chance to play along with the challenge, please do! Be sure to link your card using Mr. Linky on Lauren's blog! From now on, Lauren will be highlighting the top five cards on her blog each week! The top five will be known as the "My Time to Shine" group and she will link to each designer's blog. You don't want to miss out! Lauren has over 10,000 subscribers to her blog alone. Let's share your awesome talent with them!

Here's a shot of my cutie patootie nephew opening the ball we bought him :O)

You can't tell in this picture but he has the sweetest blue eyes! I adore this monkey sooo much! And he totally loves his "Aunt Krikky" (my family calls me Krissy). I can't wait to see both of my nephews and my sister again...and we just left on Sunday! LOL Those of you with close familys know what I mean...

Needless to say, neither of these cards will be posted in my galleries! Ha ha. I hope to create something more my style today or tomorrow. I'm REALLY hoping to play along with the Color Throwdown! Did you see the palette this week? Sooooo inspiring and girly :O)

Until then...thanks for checking in! Hope your week is going well. I'm back to work on Thursday :(


LeAnne said...

Wow, "crafting" has come a long way, hasn't it? I was just reminiscing yesterday that when I was a kid, "crafts" was taking something you would normally throw away and making it something that your mom would keep for a while, THEN throw away!!! We have evolved, haven't we! I think considering what you had to work with, you did very well! :D

AKiteFlier said...

Kristin you absolutely amaze me! These projects are fantastic and I loved your story of how they all came to be - your dad's place is a dream come true - I LOVE it when I have no internet LOL. Great job.

Teresa Kline said...

looks like you had a wondeful time, thanks for sharing!

enjoy *~*

Heather Schlatter said...

Hi Kristin,

I know it has been a long time since I have taken the time to leave a comment, but I wanted you to know I have not forgotten about you and still always enjoy your posts!!! I liked the pictures of the family reunion, and thank you for sending me Alicia's families address now I just have to actually mail the cards that is the hard part for me getting things in the mail!!!

I loved your texture and colors and papers you used on the Timeless template stalking below gorgeous!!!

Good for you making such beautiful cards with such limited supplies!!! You rock my friend!!!


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