Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Okay, so some of you may have figured out that I was on vacation this past week :] We headed to Ohio for a visit with my husband's family and a reunion. Afterward we were off to my hometown Oscoda, Michigan. The visit to MI was a double surprise so I couldn't announce my absence on my blog until now. One surprise was for my mother who celebrated her 56th birthday (she's going to kill me if she reads that!) and the other was for a family reunion on my father's side of the family.

My dad ("Dave"...hence, "Dave's Crew") is #2 of 9 kids, I'm 1 of 29 grandkids, and my daughter is 1 of 40 great grandkids! I tell you this to give you an idea about the size of this reunion! It was GINORMOUS!!! There were at LEAST 150 people there and yes, they were surprised to see us :O)
Here's a picture from the reunion. Pictured from the left are my older sister, daughter, my husband, Carl. It started raining shortly after this photo, but the party continued on! It was soooo great to reunite with relatives I haven't seen since I was 11, and to meet relatives I didn't know I had! This was also the first time most of my relatives had a chance to meet my husband of 3 years.

All in all it was a FANTASTIC vacation :O) I will have a new post for you tomorrow sometime to show you the two cards I made with VERY limited supplies while I was away! Definitely not my best work but proof that you can whip up a card with just a few supplies :]
Until tomorrow...have a great night!


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