Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes...

I realized when I got home from vacation that I totally missed one of my CLOSEST friend's birthdays while I was gone!! In fact, her birthday is one and the same as my nephew I bragged about yesterday. His birthday is going to be my excuse for forgetting my friend, Tiffani's special day :O)

Anywho...while I was supposed to be cleaning my craft room yesterday, I made a card for Tiff (go figure). I used the color palette from the Color Throwdown (CTD53) and the layout (err...skewed result of the layout) from Taylor VanBruggen's sketch challenge (TECC76). This is the end result.

It's hard to see in the photo, but I stitched two random areas of the circular layer with white craft thread. I wanted it to be subtle so I stuck with white :) I added a small pink bow over the stamped bow and sitched the buttons directly to my cardstock. I'm sure everyone has their own style with stitching buttons on, but I find that positioning the buttons first and poking the holes before stitching helps to line the buttons up perfectly and creates a guide to thread on both sides of the cardstock.

I crocheted the flower during the drive to Ohio. My plan was to create tons of crocheted flowers while driving to Ohio and Michigan, but I quickly found that I forgot to bring the flower pattern with me! So, on the first leg of the trip I was left to my own devices. I just started making up my own "flowers". This one really is an over-crocheted circle, that just happened to pleat just right to make it look like a very full flower :O) So, I'm calling it a flower. Yes, I finally wrote down the pattern when I got to Michigan and had a few minutes of internet time, and I created a flower in every color of craft thread I owned on the drive back to Virginia. I'm sure you'll be seeing more crocheted flowers in the future blog posts!

The Color Throwdown has a new challenge today! I haven't even checked it out yet :( I'm off to do that just as soon as I publish this post! Don't forget to stop by again on Saturday for the next My Time to Create challenge! Lauren is starting a new "My Time to Shine" segment on her blog each week. The top 5 participants will be highlighted with links to his/her blogs the following Saturday. If you are selected as a "My Time to Shine" designer, let me tell you...your blog activity will more than double! Lauren has over 10,000 subscribers to hers :O) So, show your stuff and let us recognize your talent! It's an inspiration challenge this week that you don't want to miss!!

Hope to see you Saturday :O) I'm back to work tomorrow...tear :( BUT, a two day work week is alright with me!! Hee hee


Me, My Stamps and I said...

this way too cute!!!!!what a creative way to used the buttons!!!!!tfs:)

AKiteFlier said...

Oh Kristin this is just adorable - I used to crochet - may have to try it again cause those flowers are fabulous. Love everything about this card right down to the stitching on the edges of the circle and all the piercing!

Dana Gustafson said...

OK, so your sweet buttons are totally cute balloons and your perfect "x" stitches always make my day but then I read you can MAKE your own crochet flowers?!!? I am E-N-V-I-O-U-S! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful flowers in the future. SO what else do you haev up your sleeve?? AMazing!

Tasha Hickert said...

Oh my, I know someone who will be so envious of your flowers. She tried making some and then decided they were worth paying for!! Love the stitches on your card, that is just the right touch.

I haven't been here for awhile but always love visiting because you have great projects! I do have an award for you on my blog tonight so swing by when you get a chance.

Heather Schlatter said...

Hi Kristin,

Me again!!! I actually ended up coming here tonight because Tasha (comment above mine) and my good friend/SU Down line/next door neighbor gave me the same award and when I read about what she said about your blog it made me think man I have not been out to Krisitin's blog in like a couple of weeks now so I wanted to come by.

I think your card turned out just so pretty I love the colors and the paper piercing and love the flowers I am the one who has the friend Tasha was talking about that tried to make the flowers and they looked pretty hilarious!!!! LOL!!!!

Great job on this card and I to just love your style and your cards you are so talented girl!!!


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