Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Time To Inspire Challenge...MTTI02

Well, it's finally Saturday and you know what that means! Another My Time to Create Challenge from Lauren Meader! Lauren asked me to host the challenge today (**big smile** :O) because she is SUPER swamped with the Papertrey Ink release (that happens on the 15th of each exciting, and so much fun to participate via the forum the evening of the 14th! You should check it out if you haven't already.)

Okay, onto the challenge...

This week the challenge is an inspiration challenge! Isn't this an adorable baby room??

I love the clean, constrasting, airy colors in this photo, and I was inspired by the circles. The circles of course led my imagination to paper quilling (remember, my new fetish?...err...that I need to learn more about?). Well, quilling flowers didn't seem too hard to accomplish, so I went to work using the colors in the photo. I used Sahara Sand as my background color. I know it's not quite as dark as the paint in the photo, but it's close in hue and it kept my card summery, so I went with it :O) I wasn't as inspired by the pillow's turtle, but I loved the rug! I just didn't manage to incorporate the stripes onto my card. Tracey's sneak peek looks like she might have though :]
This is my take on the challenge and my first REAL attempt at paper quilling (I really shouldn't count the "steam" from my card last weekend :O) Let me just say, I haven't exactly nailed the art of adhering quilled paper. I know it's important for the glue/adhesive not to show, and I think I managed that okay, but keeping those center circles glued together took an act of Congress! I used two different adhesives (Tombow and MS glue)...neither held permanently. Probably used too much of both and it had a counter-effect. Oh well. I plan on buying some glue that is designed for paper quilling this weekend. Translation: Elmers :O)

I have to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Alice H. and Sylva for sending some awesome paper quilling leads! I learned a lot from these sites alone:

Oh, and check out the BEAUTIFUL paper quilling Sylva did around her framed wedding invitation! Isn't it AWESOME!!! I've convinced myself that I'll be that good one day!! Stay tuned...

Hopefully I'll get my hands on one of the instruction books soon and learn some really cool designs! I LOVE learning new crafts! I keep saying that sewing is next, and I keep putting it off for other things :O) One of these days I WILL learn to use a sewing machine! LOL

Okay, I'm rambling now! Be sure to check out the other team member's creations! They're sure to inspire you to play along!! Here's a sneak peek from some of them:
Stop by their blogs for the full view and maybe some other projects to get your creative juices flowing :O) The ladies in bold font are the ones who were able to play along this week.

If you play along, be sure to upload the direct link to your post in Mr. Linky!!

Also, if you use an online gallery, please use keyword MTTI02 :O) Can't wait to see your take on the inspiration challenge!!

Hope you have a long, craft-filled, relaxing weekend!


Dana Gustafson said...

Oh lookey who has a new obsession!!! hee hee! Enjoy that paper quilling and all it's tiny little strips o paper. I'll have to dig some out and make some cute flowers like YOU did! Really pretty, Kristen! I can't wait to check out the sites you linked. Quilling is so elegant :)

Unknown said...

I'd love to get into quilling...I told you that already, didn't I?? Sorry for being repetitive. I edited my post to reflect the Mr. Linky - and I liked how you linked all the blogs, so I 'borrowed' it ;) This is BEAUTIFUL, and something to be very proud of...I never would have guessed this was your 'first time out' for this technique -- WAY TO GO!!

Nancy L. said...

Wow, your card is beautiful!

Tamara said...

This card is fabulous. I used to be really into paper quilling when I was in high school. I had this great alphabet sampler that got me started. It had different items for each letter, and the instructions to make so many shapes.

I wish you well in your paper quilling endeavors, and THANKS so much for hosting the challenge today!

Janine said...

your card is lovely - paper quilling and me didn't get on! I made a card using the inspiration but it didn't quite turn out how it looked in my mind!

Lelia Pierce said...

This was my first time playing here...I loved the inspiration card however...not so much! I linked up using Mr. Linky. :O)

Lauren (mytime) said...

LOVE this! I wouldn't think it was your first time either! You know I too want to do more quilling. AFTER the Papertrey Ink release! LOL! Thanks for hosting :D

AKiteFlier said...

WOW Kristen - that is fantastic quilling - it picks up the ideas in the inspiration just perfect! Love it. Thanks for hosting this week - great job and a nice break for Lauren.

Francis Civira said...

Hi Kristin, so beautiful card and technique.
I posted my link too, but in a spanish blog.
Thanks for hosting and sharing your talent!
Great challenge!

Donna Baker said...

what a fun challenge!

pam124 said...

I don't have a blog Kristen, but I sure am enjoying yours. I LOVE this card. That quilling is excellent and the colors and layout gorgeous!! I left a comment on your SCS site. Just checking to see if anything new. Keep up your wonderful work!!!

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