Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Update

I wanted to post a quick message about the changes on my blog. For those of you who follow my blog - THANK YOU :O) I'm humbled that you think my posts and/or creations are interesting.

You may have noticed some obvious...and some less obvious changes on my blog recently. The more obvious changes included removing a lot of sidebar information from the main page of my blog. Some of this information was simply relocated, and some was removed altogether. My blogroll for instance. It used to be on my right sidebar. The list was pretty long and I kept wanting to add blogs, but I was hesitant because I wanted to keep my blog semi-clean and uncluttered. So, I moved it to the navigation tab labeled "Inspiration" under my blog header. This seemed like the perfect option to retain all of my favorite blogs without continuously expanding one of the sidebars.

My labels are now in a dropdown box to keep that list clean. This is actually what I wanted to do with my blogroll, but I haven't taken the time to figure that out yet. It took a while to move all of the links to the navigation tab, believe it or not! LOL

I also moved my About section, my blog Awards, favorite Challenges and Shopping links to the navigation tabs under the header. This REALLY helped to de-clutter my sidebars! The Stampin' Up! link simply takes you to the Stampin' Up! site right now, but this too will be changing. My plan is to make it a useful "business" page with current information about incentives, hostess clubs, and workshops.

I'm gettting there...slowly but surely...thanks to the amazingly talented Amanda at Blogger Buster. She's very good at simplifying her instructions for the basic user.

I really like how my blog looks now...and expect I will continue changing it to better suit my personal style :O) Hope you like the updates!


Heather Schlatter said...


It looks really good!! I need to work on this too, I have wanted a Navigation bar or a blog with additional pages people can go to ever since I started my blog. Now I guess I better go figure out how to do it!!!

Great job!!!


Tasha Hickert said...

Oh, yea for you!! I hope to get to the point of upgrading but would be satisfied (at least for 1 day) just to get back to my starting point! ;) Hope your stamp room cleaning/organizing went well. I manage to clean up just enough that it's tolerable and then I start a whole new messy cycle--sigh. Guess I will just call that my "system" and go with it rather than always feel behind. Have a good week!

Silli said...

Hi Kristin... I love your cards, I love your blog...;-) I am happy to see you...;-) Have a good week my friend... Hugs from Silke

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