Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Anchor

So, I needed another birthday card for a friend at work. It took me over a week to make it, but I finally finished it up last night :O) I kept messing up the main image, and thinking about how gorgeous Donna Baker's design was. The template is one of Taylor Van Bruggen's sketches (TECC52DB) from her anniversary challenge last week. I didn't even come close to meeting the Thursday deadline, but at least I finished! LOL

I have details about how I masked the boat, cloud and water on the post in my SCS gallery. Supplies are also listed there.

Hope your Monday went well! I still felt icky most of the day, but...I hesitantly say...I've felt a little better over the past two hours (other than this increasing pressure in my ear). So, hopefully that's a good sign and I'll be back to normal in no time. Thanks for your well-wishes!

Oh, and I promise to edit my previous post or create a new tutorial soon with instructions on how I made the woven heart :O) I'm so glad you are actually interested! LOL

Have a great week!


Silli said...

Hi Kristin, I love your card, love the colors and the image... I love the marinelook...;-) You make beautiful cards my friend... ;-) Have a nice day... Big stamping hugs Silke

Heather Schlatter said...

Kristin this card is very very cool!!! I love your layout and layers and the boat is so super cute!!!

You have a knack for Boats and Water things!!!!

Maybe cause your not too far from the Coast!!!

I miss living close to a Beach with the Military we lived in CA twice, Hawaii, New Jersey and Texas all places with Beaches and my kids have never seen one!!!!

My daughter asked me the other day to take her to a beach I said Honey we live in Kansas we are as far away from any beach in America as you can possibly be!!! LOL!!!!

How is Tia doing in Gymnastics???

How are the other things you wrote about in the e-mail???

I have totally been thinking about you and hoping everything is going much better!!!


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