Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You For Caring

I wanted to post a quick message letting those who actually follow my blog know that I'm okay! Really, I'm fine. In short, I had to take a break to refocus my life. I feel like I'm back on track, or at least getting there, so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of submitting regular posts and delving back into creating cards :O) First...I MUST find the mo-jo I set aside a few weeks ago.

To those of you who sent messages wondering if I was okay - THANK YOU. Thank you for caring enough to check on me...it means the world to me. I'm inspired by these great friends that I've never met in person but regularly communicate with through the expansive world of blogging.

I'm posting a card that I made a week ago that I was NOT thrilled with. Just to give you something to view for this post :O) I was determined to create something using Taylor Van Bruggen's sketch challenge (TECC49), but it just didn't come together how I had hoped. I think I need to make a rule NOT to look at all of the creations before making my card. It does inspire me when I do, but it also limits the ideas floating around in my head. I kept thinking of things and then remembering something I already saw that someone else posted. Aargh... Anywho, I came up with this for my daughter's friend who was sweet enough to give me a Christmas gift out of the blue this year! What a doll-baby :O) If you're interested in any of the supplies I used, let me know and I'll list them...I'm being lazy tonight! LOL

Okay, that's it for now. I hope to have more for you this week. It's been busy here with the inauguration and what-not. In fact, I took Tia and her friend to the Youth Inaugural Concert last night. It aired on Disney and we were in the 8th or 9th row in front of the stage. Several friends and family members called or sent texts telling us they saw us on TV a few times! How cool for Tia and her friend :O) If you watched it and you've never met me, you probably wouldn't have recognized me from my blog picture. I was in uniform and had my hair pulled back. Cool nonetheless :] I think it airs on MTV tonight if you didn't see it last night. It was a great show! Lots of stars the kids went ga-ga over!!

Have a great remainder of the week...and thanks again for checking on me :O)


Tiff said...

I'm so glad to hear you are alright... I think your card looks spectacular and that you're much too hard on yourself ;)

Hope you find time to recharge!

Silli said...

Hi Kristin..., my friend...! Nice to su! I miss you...;-) Your card is so sweet... Love the image... Have a wonderful day...;-) Big hugsfrom Silke

Alicia Weiman said...

Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. I've stamped more than I thought I would today. It is my sister-in-laws 10th birthday, my Mom's birthday tomorrow and I had to make cards from us, my Dad and my Grandma. I think she'll like what she is getting though. She was upset that she didn't get any stamps for Christmas and that is about all she is getting for her birthday! I'm sure she'll love the sets she is getting.

Hopefully you are getting a chance to play today. I thought this sketch was hard too.

Silli said...

Kristin, many thanks for your sweet post... I will send you a card...please mail me your adress...Sorry- my english...;-) Have a wonderful weekend...;-) Big hugs from Silke

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