Sunday, January 25, 2009

With Sympathy...

Sadly, I needed a Sympathy card for a co-worker this weekend. She lost her son at the tender age of 19. I can't even begin to imagine what she and her family are going through, but my thoughts and prayers are definitely with them.

I had a hard time piecing this card together for some reason. I knew what colors I wanted but the layout was stumping me. Finally, I came across Jen del Muro's page today and found her weekly sketch challenge (SFYTT). The layout was perfect for the bits and pieces I needed to pull together to finish this card. I didn't want anything elaborate being that this is such a solemn occasion, and I think it turned out well enough in the end.

This is my first time using real dew drops...can you believe it? I think EVERYONE involved in papercrafting uses dew drops! Anywho...I read on someone's blog a while ago that you could create any color dew drop you needed simply by adhering the appropriate color paper to the back of a clear dew drop. So, I only bought clear when I finally gave in and purchased some. I adhered brown paper to the backs of the dew drops on this card, but I don't think I did it right. They definitely don't shine through like the ones I saw on the blog I remember (can't remember the blog owner or URL...soooo sorry). Oh well...I gave it a shot.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I wish it could last another five or six days :O)


Alicia Weiman said...

Very pretty card. I do not enjoy making sympathy cards, but sometimes I know it is just a neccesary thing to do. Yours turned out very pretty though. I will keep that family in my prayers. Looks like you got to play with your stamps some this weekend.

Heather Schlatter said...

Hi Kristin,
You did a wonderful job on making and elegant Sympathy card!!!

I can not imagine loosing a son that young though it happens all to often that is for sure!!!

Your card has the perfect touch of details yet totally says I am thinking of you!!

It is a wonderful sympathy card Kristin.


Tasha Hickert said...

What a sad reason to make such a beautiful card. I'm sure your co-worker was touched. As for your posting absence, I thought maybe you were using the time to clean your stamping area! Wishing you a big mojo blast!!

Jen del Muro said...

This is such a beautiful card! I am so sorry to hear of loss of your co-worker's son. That is so tragic!
Thanks for playing along! Hugs-Jd

Silli said...

ohhhh, Kristin, your card is absolut perfect. I love the image and the Designer PAper, this is so beautiful my friend...;-) I hope you have a fab day... Big hugs...

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