Sunday, October 26, 2008


I finally worked on a card for Lauren's Saturday Sketch Challenge. I don't know what it was, but the sketch put me off a little. I guess some days are better then others when it comes to feeling creative. Sometimes one glance at a sketch puts an image in my mind of what I want to do...other times, I totally struggle. This was one of those other times. In fact, I was totally prepared to chuck the entire thing, but my 14 year old daughter, thought it was great. She never gets really enthusiastic about my creations, so I was surprised by her response today...and it was just that (her response) that made me decide to share :]

On a happy note, I had a chance to read Lauren's post from yesterday. I looked for it in the morning, but when it didn't appear early, I had to get to work around the house and getting my daughter ready for Homecoming. I cheated and found her sketch on Alicia Weiman's blog, so I didn't return to her blog until today. Imagine my heart leaping in my chest when I read a comment about ME in her post! I was dumb-stricken for a minute then realized yes, it was about ME. How cool :O)

I was very humbled by the attention (my blog hits doubled just from the popularity of Lauren's site "referral"). She mentioned the fact that I made a "button" for her blog on my page to list her site as one of the Sketch challenges I enjoy participating in. My "button" was very simple at best (and still is) so I tried to spruce it up a little by adding a border (something I've been wanting to do). Here are the before and after shots:



These will be long gone before you know it. Lauren is working with her "blog girl" Sara Williams to create a unique button for anyone to use on their sites :O) How exciting!!! I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Supplies for my card are listed in my SCS gallery. Hope you had a great weekend!!!


Catherine said...

i so love what you did with this sketch, your daughter is right and glad you shared it with us.

Heather Schlatter said...

I adore this card. You daughter had a right to be excited about it!

Although I get excited about pretty much everything I see you do!

Great idea's and composition Kristin!


Silli said...

Kristin, your card is so beautiful... Wowowowwww. I love this stampset. The ribbon and the brads are so pretty... Great job.
Kristin I use my Stampin Up paperdistresser for the edges...! I hope, this help...
Have a good day... Bye and hugs...

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