Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homecoming...x 2 ?!

I thought it was a good time to share a post about my daughter, Tia, since I haven't had time to make cards since the weekend :[ Work is overwhelming during the week, and I rarely find any mojo by the time I get home for the, you're stuck with proud mama stories about my talented, beautiful, brilliant daughter!

My 14 year old daughter hasn't even received her first 10th grade report card yet, and she has been to two homecomings this year! Crazy for me to think...I was lucky to attend one homecoming dance each of my high school years...let alone with a new dress :]

Tia attended homecoming with her friend from gymnastics, Jazmin, at her friend's high school, followed a few weeks later by attending her own dance with her boyfriend, Justin (and her friend Jaz) at her high school.

For some reason, I only have a picture of Tia handy from the homecoming at Jazmin's school. I love this black dress! It's so classy.

You can see Tia with Jazmin (left) in the second photo below and Tia with her boyfriend, Justin in the third photo. Aren't they cute? :O)

Thanks for visiting :O) I'll be sure to post some more cards this weekend...or if I'm lucky, sooner! Have a great remainder of the week.


Heather Schlatter said...

Great Pictures Kristin,

Thanks for sharing. Wow two dresses! I think my mom would have made me wear the same one twice! LOL

I love both dresses, but I am a sparkly girl so I like the purple one the best!


Silli said...

Hi, the fotos are very, very sweet...;-) TFS! Have a good day!

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