Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Okay, so it's not a card...

BUT!!! definitely worth mentioning. Why on earth did my husband find a 3-foot snake skin at the bottom of our deck two nights ago?! He called me out to show me this:

Yes...some serpent (current location UNKNOWN) is slithering around out there, probably under my house, with shiny, fresh skin. Mind you, the stairs are two steps from my back door, and there are only three steps...then the snake skin!!

Eeeeewwww!! Yes, I'm I don't like snakes...and YES I miss Hawaii! No snakes there (enjoy your non-snake state for me, Jen Tapler). Here's my husband being gross with the tail.

Soooo...needless to say, no walking off the deck after dark and NEVER going under the house EVER! Despite my husband's pleading to help him with a project. Not happening.
I will stick to my craft projects. Which I'm working on, but I've been in slow-mo this week. I did a few things tonight so hopefully I can share a card tomorrow :O) Thanks for stopping by to read about my snake story. Hope your week is going well (and is SNAKE FREE).


Dana Gustafson said...

Oh ick Kristen! I'm with you on the snake being yucky thing :)

AKiteFlier said...

EEEEWWWW - snake skin! Yikers. BUT I came by to say CONGRATULATIONS on your honorable mention! That is FANTASTIC!!! So happy for you.

Tasha Hickert said...

Lucky for me, my husband can't stand snakes either! Maybe yours will find it in a few days--with the lawn mower. Then you won't have to worry anymore. ;)

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