Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girl Wonder...

Okay, I just had to share the morning I had at work on Tuesday. I arrived at work to find that my co-worker brought her 8 year old daughter in. I've heard from other co-workers that I would love this little girl and her brilliant, creative mind. I couldn't wait to meet her! I barely set my things down before she appeared at the doorway of my cubicle ready to introduce herself :O) I asked if she was Rowan, to which she affirmed, and I introduced myself to her. She was quite the conversationalist from the beginning. A very impressive conversationalist, I might add.

During one of our many chats, Rowan told me about the 4-headed hydra she made in her second grade class. Well, I was already impressed because I couldn't even tell you what a hydra was, much less a 4-headed hydra! LOL She explained that everyone liked her creation so much, that they all wanted her to make one for them. She informed me that she tried to make everyone a hydra but that it was very time consuming :O) So, she had to stop. Oh, and she made sure she told me that she cut this hydra from paper, free-hand...she didn't draw any lines! In my mind, I'm still thinking wow...it must have been really impressive...I still don't know what a hydra is.

Shortly after she asked if I would like her to make me a 4-headed hydra. Of course I would! I had to know what this thing was!! I gave her a piece of bond paper and a pair of scissors (that weren't too big for her hands according to Rowan :O), and she returned in well under two minutes with the creation you see her holding in this photo!!!! Can you believe the detail on this thing? From the teeth to the bump on the nose...OMG. I couldn't get over it. This girl is a WONDER! She carefully explained that she used the "paper folding technique" to cut out her 4-headed hydra. LOL She is too much! I just love this kid!!

Okay, so I knew I was going to finally post this today, so I took a picture of something else she created first thing Tuesday morning. Check out this drawing of what appears to be the Easter Bunny (though I would need to confirm with Rowan :O). I love the details from the deep green eyes, to the numerous eggs in the basket (or bag?? not sure). She is truly an amazing little girl. I can't wait to get her in my craft room :O) She'll have a field day!

I'll post a card I made yesterday a little later. I just had to share my experience with this "Girl Wonder"!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin,
Thank-you for the great stuff you said about me. Oh,yes the thing that looked like a bag or basket is a combination of the two.
I really enjoyed the time that I spent with you and I'm looking forward to seeing your craft room.

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