Sunday, March 22, 2009


I made this card for Alicia Weiman's little girl, Ava, using Jen Del Muro's Saturday sketch (SFYTT). Alicia's son, Ethan is actually the one I originally set out to make a card for (since he's the one who's sick), then I decided the whole family needed a card. I made Alicia and her husband's card yesterday, and I definitely couldn't leave sweet little Ava out! Especially knowing that a LOT of people are sending cards to Ethan alone. I don't want Ava to wonder where her cards are :O) So, this one is for her. I know the main image is pretty simple, but I figured a little girl would be more interested in the texture and colors anyway :O)

Overall, I'm pleased with the girly look of the card, and I really hope she gets excited when the mailman arrives with a card for her, mom and dad, and Ethan :O) Next up is my card for Ethan...then off to the post office they go!

More details and supplies are listed in my SCS gallery.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Hi Kristin,
that is al very lovely card for a little girl. She'll love them. You have a great heart, that you don't forget the little sister and the hole family. God bless you!
Have a happy new week,
hugs Anja

Silli said...

OMG, Kristin, your card is so beautiful. I love the tulips and the glitter, the colors are so beautiful... Great work my friend...

Christina Ammann said...

Wunderschöne Karte, gefällt mir sehr gut.
En liebe Gruess

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this! So cute! Thanks for playing! Hugs-Jd

Silli said...

Hi Kristin, many thanks for your sweet comments... I am so happy... Have a good wekkened... thinking of you! Hugs from Silke

Heather Schlatter said...

Hey Kristin,

I love the card you made for Ava!!!! Could you send me Alicia's address I communicate with her here and there in e-mails and through her blog but when she first announced the news I e-mailed both Lauren and MacKenzie Bruckler and asked them for Alicia's address and neither one replied. I am sure Alicia would just give me the address, but I did not want to aske her!!! I want to make Happy Cards for the Family as well!!!

How are you girl sorry I have been MIA for a while I have still been checking out your projects but seem to have less comment time these days!!!!

Thank You for your comments on my blog last week I always enjoy seeing your pretty avitar and comments on my blog!!!

This card is so so so so pretty Kristin I am enjoying your style a lot these days!!!!

How is Tia doing???

Heather Schlatter


Very Spring oriented with a school spirit vibration.

Silli said...

Hello dear Kristin, I wish you a happy day...Many thanks for your sweet posts...;-) You are so sweet... Big hugs from Silke

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