Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prayer Request...

For those of you who follow my blog you may recall one of my posts from last November about a benefit for Ethan Weiman. I'm sad to say that little Ethan's cancer has progressed recently, and his family is uncertain about what direction God will send him in this battle. In short, please, PLEASE, pray for Ethan and his family. Please ask your friends, church groups, family - everyone, to also pray.

I'm heartbroken thinking of what this little guy has been through and the battle he continues to fight. The picture above is Ethan with his sister, Ava. Aren't they sweet?

If you would like to make a card (or something fun) to send his way, please leave me a message or send me an email. I'll happily share their address to keep the well-wishes rolling in.

If you would like to read updates about Ethan and his family, please stop by his mother, Alicia's blog or the Caring Bridge site they established for him (look for the journal half way down the page). If you are interested in helping defray the costs the family continues to incur as a result of long and short trips back and forth to the hospital (think food, gas, lodging...) please go to this page of the Caring Bridge site.

In Ethan's parents words, they "would appreciate prayers for Ethan's complete healing and for Ethan to not have to endure any pain."

May God bless Ethan and his loving family.


Silli said...

Hello Kristin, I hope for the little boy, she is so sweet...
I wish you a happy day...Hugs from Silke

Lois Michael said...

Kristin, I volunteer at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They specialize in stage 4,rare cancers & fast moving cancers. Their 800# is 1-800 333 2822 and they can answer questions, my niece is there now so I can understand how you all are feeling, God bless you all and you will all be in my prayers.

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