Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two More Awards! ...and my addictions :O)

Wow!!! Two more awards! I'm so blessed to have such great blog friends :O) I really enjoy blogging, though I don't commit enough time to it, and I especially LOVE perusing other blogs. They are totally amazing to me with the creative layouts, the verbiage, the amazing creations...the list goes on and on. That's why I'm stunned that my simple little blog would win an award...much less THREE! I know, some people have so many awards they lose track, but I have THREE and am nowhere close to losing track! So it's extra special :O) LOL

HUGE thank you to Anjas-Artefaktotum for presenting me with her "I Love Stamps Award" (yes I do LOVE stamps :O)

And another HUGE thank you to Keri Brown for presenting me with the "Your Blog Is Fabulous Award"

This award requires me to list five things I'm addicted to. Addictions? No problem :O)


2 - Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm --- IS the best ever made :O) ...and I can't go for more than ten minutes or so without re-applying

3 - My Craft Room --- it's a complete disaster right now, but I know where everything is and I can't stay away (note there isn't a link or a husband would kill me :O)

4 - Splitcoaststampers and my blog --- I cannot get off this computer some nights

5 - Dark Chocolate with a glass of the Sixth Sense Syrah...heaven on earth :O)

Okay, now to nominate five worthy bloggers for this award...there are soooo many, but I will go with the following:

1 - Silke - Silli

3 - Helena - Creating a Likeness

4 - Alicia - Happy Stampin!

Trust me when I tell you these blogs are fantastic! Each lady has such a unique's well worth your time :O)

The weekend is almost here! Woohoo! Hope you have a long weekend like me :O)


Heather Schlatter said...


I am honored!!! I have never even seen these awards before, and trust me I will proudly display them!!!

They are fabulous, and with the 5 ladies you choose I am very honored to be on the list!

They are all excellent bloggers and totally awesome stampers!!!

Helena, and Silke I found from your blog, and Dawn and Alicia of course from Laurens blog!!!

Funny because I have one more award that I have to award, and I have you on the list for that award when I finally find the time to post it!!!! Uggghhh Not much time to do any stamping lately!!

I totally get you on the craft room thing. Things can look a totaly tornado to others, and yet I know which box somthing is in, or which pile to go find what I need!!!!

Luv Ya Kristin, you are such a sweet blogging friend, and I am glad I found you!!!


Silli said...

Ohhhh;-) Kristin, you are sooo sweet. Many, many thanks. I am so happy... I love your blog and your art...;-) Have a great weekend... Big hugs from Berlin...;-)

Anonymous said...

Here's my award for you. =]

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