Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thankful Sails...FS99

Here's another Thank You card I made. I want to send this one to my dad in Georgia. He loves sailboats :O) I hope it travels well... :

The inspiration came from the SCS Featured Stamper, Barb...or "Stampfilled Dreams". She has an amazing gallery and I selected her "Easter Wishes" card to CASE. This is what I came up with.

This is my second try at CASEing this card. It was tough for me :O) I finally figured out how to make the edge of each corner that's pulled back, not look pinched. I used a little dab of hot glue :O) It had just enough cushion and cooled fast enough that I didn't have to sit there for 30 minutes waiting for it to dry!

It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are three separate pieces of DSP. I cut a rectangle in the top sheet, cut an "X" on the sheet beneath it (just past the corners of the rectangle I cut), rounded the corners created from the "X", and used a fat pen to curl each corner a little bit so that it would fold back without any creases. Does that make sense?? I hope so :]

Oh, and how adorable is this anchor? I used a Martha Stewart punch I recently purchased. I love it! All supplies are listed in my SCS gallery.

Okay, off to beddy-bye for me! I have to get up before 5 :( Have a great night and a SAFE New Year celebration!!


Heather Schlatter said...

This is a great Card Kristin. I posted an SU Card this morning. My goal is now for every Non SU Card I will also post an SU card. After all SU is my roots and my customers are wanting to see SU stamps not non SU stamps!!!

I love the Technique you used!!!

I have never tried it, but I always admire it on others cards. Next goal try this technique!!!

Love your Card and the Colors you used!!!


Heather Schlatter said...


Hi Girl thanks for your sweet comments I always love it when you have been by my blog and leave your sweet comments!!!!

I wanted to let you know I do not know if you read my post last week about when I ordered my copics, but do not buy a whole set of them!!!

When I was getting ready to order either Prismacolors, Copics, or Tria all Alcohol based I was trying to find the most economical way to get some alcohol based Markers and I talked about it on my blog.

Janna Hull from Stamps, Paper, and Glitter Oh My blog called me at home and told me all about Copics and why I should get them instead of the other kinds.

They can be used with your SU Markers and everything she colors she also adds her SU markers for shading.

You do not want a set because the main purpose in needing copics is for more ability to shade and you want to get 3 or 4 shades of each color you get not what a set offers you.

Like my Yellow's I have Y00, Y02, Y05, and Yo8 so I can shade them all in variations most of the colors I only have 3 shades of.

Anyway since you can use your SU Markers with them you have all those colors too, so you can buy the colors individually.

I found them the Cheapist at Eclectic Paperie, and Carpe Diem on line Eclectic Paperie had the Copic Chaio's for $3.45 each, and Carpe Diem had the Sketch Copics for $3.90 each so I ended up with some of each sinc neither site had all the colors I wanted. I ended up getting 45 markers and I am in love with them.

You could color over the same spot for 5 minutes and it will not ruin or get your paper all wet or ruined like Water Based Markers will.

I adore my SU Markers so I am glad I can still use them all the time!!!

If you go to my blog and read back to the Post with the Riley Moose on the Tractor I have the links to those sites where the Markers are pretty cheap. Carpe Diem has the Markers on sale about every other week.

Just some advice because I know the advice Janna gave me saved me from buying a whole set and then not having what I needed to do the shading I actually wanted them for.!

I still love this card and all the details in it. If you have any questions let me know or you can also ask Janna her blog is in my right side bar under blogs I like to read and she knows a lot about Markers and how to use them and what to use them with et... et....

She took coloring classes from Karen Lockart the Stamp creater.

Have a Great New Years Kristin!!! I hope this helps. I noticed you had the SU set of Copics on your wish list so I wanted to let you know what I have been taught and it saved me a ton of money buying them the way I did!!!


Tiff said...

WOW, this is too pretty!

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