Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Award...

I didn't have any time to create this weekend due to my daughter's demanding schedule and my role as Mom-Taxi :O) When I got home this evening, I went to my stamp room and started fumbling through my stuff only to find that I was not inspired in the least. I think I'm just tired...I need to get back in the groove :]

So, in lieu of a card, I am delighted to share this blogging award that my friend, Heather honored me with. She is the sweetest blogger I know through posts and e-mails :O) LOL. She's a faithful visitor to my blog which I appreciate so much. She's also very creative and isn't afraid to experiment with colors which I admire. Her spunky, informative posts always manage to inspire me :O) Thank you, Heather!

I'm off to San Antonio Wednesday through Friday, so I likely won't have time to do much this week :( Hopefully after Tia's gymnastics meet on Saturday, I'll find some time. Have a great week!


Heather Schlatter said...

Oh Kristin how sweet are you! I gave you the award, but you made me feel so special with what you said about me on your blog!!!

You are so sweet and it means a lot to me!

Have a good trip, and a safe one, and tell Tia good luck at her meet!!!!

How's the new job going???


Mrs Mac said...

I'm tired too, no matter how much I sleep! Never mind. Less than two weeks and the days will be growing longer again :) then I might feel better.

I smiled when I saw your wish list photo's! LOL! Maybe I should get one. Kevin keeps saying he doesn't know what to get me. I make suggestions and he says "mmm." Then 2 days later says he still doesn't know what to get me.

He does this every year. For birthday,s too.

I never get what I suggest. I don't know if this is because he doesn't remember or if he doesn't the item himself. I think it's the latter.


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