Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Christmas List :O)

Earlier today while I was getting ready to leave for Tia's gymnastics meet, my mind was a flurry of ideas. I didn't have time to do anything with them and most of them have since flitted away, BUT, I did recall one by the time I got home. Recently, I have been keeping track of things that I want to purchase, and thought, hey, why not turn it into a Christmas "Wishlist"? So, I Microsoft Word.

Today during my creative mental moment, I thought it would be neat to create a general wishlist online that I could share with family members. The family members who normally hound me with inquiries about what I want for Christmas :O) When they do, I feel selfish by giving them ideas...even simple ones, so I normally tell them I don't want anything, I would rather they get something for someone whe needs it more. Well, they end up getting me something anyway, without a clue as to what I would like to have. Don't get me wrong, their gifts are very thoughtful, and well received!! I wouldn't return one of them :O) But, I decided that this year I would make it easier on them if they insist on sending me a gift. I hope that came out right :]

So, I started searching for a website that would allow me to create a wishlist that wasn't specific to an individual store. I found one (heck, I found a ton) on the first search! This is the site I went with:

I transferred my Microsoft Word wishlist to the site, created a very generic button, and posted it at the top of my blog. So, if you notice my new button, please don't think I'm looking for handouts! That's definitely not the case. I just wanted to make it easy for my family to find :O)

Oh, and I should probably post an update about Tia's first meet of the season today! She did fantastic!! Tia is an all-around, Level 8 competitive gymnast. Meaning she competes on all four events (uneven bars, beam, floor, and vault). She tends to score highest most consistently on beam and floor. She has struggled with sticking her landing on vault, and has really struggled with her bar routine. Last season Tia was lucky to get a 7 on bars (out of 10)! She never placed, but managed to qualify for Regionals during her State Meet because she decided to do a bar routine one level lower than what she was competing. She knew it would be an instant deduction, BUT, she pulled in her highest bars score of the season. Go figure. Oh, and since I'm bragging about my girl, let me just say that she placed SECOND IN THE REGION on beam!!!! I posted the video of her Regional beam routine on YouTube if you're interested in seeing her perform :O) This bit of history is to basically explain that she never placed (received a medal) on any of her bar routines last season.

Today, Tia managed to take 6th place on bars! I know it doesn't sound spectacular, but they only awarded medals to 6th place on each event. I don't recall how many girls were competing in her category, but it was well over 6. I was so happy for her! Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that she medaled on ALL OF HER EVENTS! Yes, all four :O) I don't remember what place she received on each event, but she took third all-around!!! She did such a great job :]

So, thank you for your positive thoughts and well-wishes...I think they worked! Hope you have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it). I'm hoping to craft tomorrow...with any luck, the flurry of ideas will return when I wake up.


Heather Schlatter said...

What a great idea! I often get scrapbooking gifts and such that will never be used because they are just not the companies I would follow and such, but I would never let them know that!!!! This is a perfect way to let them know what you want! I hope you get that Copic set!!!! Great gift!

Love your idea.


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