Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Card Workshop

I'm finally hosting my first Stampin' Up! workshop since I signed back on as a demonstrator (this is my third go...remember?). The workshop is this weekend and I've sent an electronic invite to friends who I think might be interested in learning how to make cards...specifically, Christmas cards! I designed 4 samples that I will demonstrate at the workshop. I know most people charge for Christmas card workshops, but I wanted to run my first as a normal workshop and allow my customers the opportunity to learn how I do things, yet express their personal creativity by purchasing the supplies they need to create their own cards.

These are the cards I plan to demonstrate
I cased two of the layouts (far left and right) from my friend (and upline) Rosie. I really wish she had a blog to share her talent. She's a card-whiz! The layout for the third card from the left was cased from the Stampin' Up! catalog.

Here are the individual photos...simple, simple, simple!

All supplies are from Stampin' Up! Wish me luck :O)


Heather Schlatter said...


Wow you'll have to e-mail me the story on 3 times a Demonstrator, or maybe I need to go further back into your blog to learn???

The cards are great! Especially for an SU workshop. My good friend/next door neighbor/ new downline and I were talking and said that when preparing for a stampers club or a workshop we need to not look at SCS and look only at the Demo web site samples, because the Demo samples take you more back to the basics and simple demonstratable projects and SCS takes you to a whole other level of creativity!

I like both sites!

You need to get a Stamper's Club going. Yeah like you have time for that with your busy life, but that is what keeps me going. With 3 small kids I have not had a home workshop in over a year and a half, but my monthly stampers club gives me between a $350 and $500 order every month and I at least get that $70 to $100 to spend on my habbit. Towards the end of my pregnancy and right after I had Tucker I did a Marker Club for 4 months and at the end of the 4 months each member had their whole set of Marker's, their white gel pen, one of each of the 4 color groups set of mixed Card Stock, and had their "hostess" month where they earned the free, and the hostess set. All I had to do that 4 months was place the orders! Easy Peasy, and I ended up with 8 people doing it instead of 4 so I had two marker clubs going.

Just a few idea's for you!

I love your SU cards. I may have to be casing them!


Oh Yeah Good Luck Girl!

Alicia Weiman said...


I along with Heather have a stamp club. We have about 15 members now and the "loose rules" are that you need to spend at least $15 per month. That was decided when we had 10 members and the need to have $150 party to get hostess benefits. You might try to see about getting a club going. I love doing this and it's actually quite doable while working full time. I "used" to work outside of being a Mom and know how hard it is to find the time, but this is really nice and it keeps you stamping, but not being overwhelmed by it. Good luck with your class. Love your cards. Simple is a good thing!

Sandra said...

Kristin your cards looks very nice. very nice exemples for your workshop. i wish you good luck!!!

Silli said...

Good luck Kristin...;-) Your cards are so very pretty I love it...;-) Have a nice day...;-) and thanks for your sweet posts...

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