Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Sweet Husband...

Yes, I'm finally posting brags about my promised over a week ago! Let me just tell you, work is busier than it has ever been in my fifteen years dedicated to this career! I'm hoping the new job in November will free me up to post more often and make a LOT more cards :O)

My husband went to England for two weeks earlier this month, and in typical fashion, he brought home souveniers. My daughter and I received the college sweatshirts we requested, some British candy, etc., which was very sweet in and of itself. This wasn't all he brought. Turns out, while he was in England, they stopped by a flea market. He came across a table that was selling old blocks of printing press "stamps". He contemplated for a long while before selecting the two he felt were the right ones. £9 later, he had two "stamps" in pocket awaiting a long trip home to a very surprised wife :O)

After he gave me the traditional, touristee gifts, he pulled out the stamps, carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I was in awe. I'm quite positive this is one of the most thoughtful gifts he has ever given me. I stamp all the time. Most of the time, I have to beg for him to give my creations an ounce of attention (he's the All American Boy...likes to fix things, work on his truck, do yard work, crafting for him :O). So, I never really thought he paid my favorite hobby any mind. For him to stop at that flea market table and check out the stamps...antiquated stamps from a printing press, was a thoughtful gesture by itself. To stand there for any length of time and sort through them...well, that's another story entirely. I was so delighted with him :O)

The stamps aren't very clear when you ink them and put them to paper, but I have an idea that might work...I just need to give it a shot. I'll post the creation when I do.

Wow, that was a long story about two stamps :O) The other sweet gesture, was when I came home last week one evening to find two bouquets of flowers that he brought home for me. His reason? He noticed how hard I've been working lateley and how stressed I've been. How absolutely adorable is that? He's normally not the type to bring flowers home "just because" this is truly a significant gesture on his part. This is a picture of the two bouquets combined in one vase (err...milk jug). Sweet reminders of why I love my husband so much :O)

Hope you had a wonderful, LONG, stamp-filled weekend! I'll post my card from Lauren's Saturday Sketch Challenge later or tomorrow.


Catherine said...

oh Kristin, how sweet is your husband and i can't wait to see what you do with those stamps and those are gorgeous flower.

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