Sunday, November 16, 2008

Benefit for Ethan Weiman

I thought I would share a post about Alicia Weiman's little boy, Ethan. Ethan has Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer, and has been fighting the disease for over a year.

I've never met him or his mother for that matter, other than through blogging. Alicia is very sweet and VERY busy as evidenced by her posts, but she manages to keep up with her family demands and still make wonderful creations!

Tonight, I visited her blog and found her post regarding a benefit that's being held in November to support Ethan and his family. If I were a neighbor, I would pull my sleeves up and offer two helping hands. Since I'm merely a distant blogging contact, I thought, hey, why not post a quick message to share some info regarding Ethan :O)

Please read his story and the information regarding the benefit. There is a page where you can contribute financially if you're interested in helping out.

Thanks for taking a minute to read my post! Hopefully it spirals in a good way and reaches someone who can make a substantial contrbution to this sweet family in need.

Have a great weekend!


Heather Schlatter said...

One of my friends told me how to leave a post at the top yesterday. She said in the botom lower corner when you post a new post there is a post date option, and you just date it forward to the date you want it to stay at the top till, and it will stay there until that date.

Hope that helps!


Mrs Mac said...

Ah good! You found how to stick a post at the top!


Sorry I am late answering all my comments...

Kimberly Crawford said...

thanks for posting this. Alicia is a sweetheart and is going through so much!!

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