Monday, July 28, 2008

Second Lease on Life

I wanted to share a card I made for a special young man. His name is Dave but he prefers to be called by his last name, Lettier. Calling people by their last names makes me feel like we're on a football team together, but I'm torn on whether to respect or defy his wishes and call him Dave :O) I usually defy...unless we're at work. Here's a picture I took last week that he brilliantly altered.

Anywho...his birthday was in June if I remember right. We all went downtown to his local spot and ate sushi, listened to karaoke (some sang - NOT me), and just enjoyed each other's company.

Of course I made him a card to celebrate the occasion, which was actually a difficult endeavor for me. This man is a brilliant graphic artist who I admire greatly. I wish I had an ounce of his talent! So, how do I make a simple card for someone so talented? I just give it a shot with good intentions and hope he likes it a little.

This is the result...

I liked the idea of stamping and embossing on the acetate sheet, and I think this turned out nice. I used the Out On A Limb stamp set from Papertrey Ink, which is perfect for male or gender neutral cards. I also sponged Distress Ink on the edge of the acetate. The card inside the acetate is made of patterned paper. I really don't remember where I picked up the paper, but it was probably Ben Franklins Crafts (when I was in Hawaii) or Michaels. Oh, and the sentiment on the inside of the card is from Stampin' Up!

So, back to Dave. I work in a clinic, so I know I should respect his privacy, but I will say this, he almost died three and a half weeks ago. The doctors never truly determined a cause for all of his problems (that he is recovering from), and one physician even told him he couldn't believe he was alive. This is his second lease on life.

Please know that I'm being very deliberate by not going into details regarding his situation. I just wanted to share a little info about this special man. He has so much potential and talent...and such a unique outlook on life, that I can't wait to see where he takes it. I admire him greatly.

Maybe it's time to make him another card. The last one was a get well card that I don't think I took a picture of :(

Until next time...


lettier said...

Both cards were perfect. Each featured a simple elegance that artistically said enough without an overbearing annoyance leaving a tacky aftertaste. Subtle and chic. Thinking back, I didn't realize at first the birthday card, as I sat sipping wine, waiting for my song, was handmade (obvious now by the back stamp). Says a lot, as I took it as a mass produced, off the shelf, store bought thought. Good enough to fool the eye with its level of professional craftsmanship to take it for granted, overlooking the unique and tailored made qualities that come with a painstaking handmade craft like a newly built Rolls-Royce. The get well card has a similar follow through with gestalt like properties as no particular portion draws attention more than any other thereby allowing the piece on a whole to stand out on its own. Aesthetically balance drawing the eye in the needed direction without a zealous use of asymmetrical design.

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