Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Favorite of a Friend...

So, I have to share a quick blurb about my office. I am very fortunate to be able to say that we have the best office dynamics of any work environment I have been in over the past 15+ years. Seriously, I have never been so content with each and every one of my co-workers, employees, and boss as I am right now. I'm very blessed.

One employee began working with us just a few months ago. He is very positive, good-natured, light-hearted...just an all around good person and hard worker. He's always looking out for everyone else and making sure the "wheels are oiled" to speak. For some reason he has also taken an interest in what I truly enjoy doing in my spare time (from card to jewelry making). I'm really into making cards right now, and I share all of them with him (and the rest of the office). He's the one who takes a sincere interest (is this turning into another dedication?). Anyway, I really respect his thoughts on things and appreciate his encouragement to go further with what I enjoy.

In short, I would like to share the card that is his all time favorite. It's a Father's Day card that I made last month. I think the real eye-catcher is the transparency. When DON'T transparency cards look good?

~ Stamps from Paptertry Ink, "Father Knows Best" collection
~ Ribbon, Cardstock, Hardware, Ink and Markers from Stampin Up!

Have a happy, SAFE 4th of July holiday!


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